Suggested Pairings:

(what to drink when reading)

Curves & Curses,

   -Lillet on the rocks with a blood orange

A Natural History of Suchness,


Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners,

  -Croft 1977 Port

9th & Ocean,

  -Margarita on the rocks (extra salt)

Adventures of Max & Maxine,

   -2 shots of Jack Daniels and a hot shower, before reading

Pop Junk,

  -40oz King Cobra

El Tsunami,

  -Mexican Beer with a lime

Last We Spoke,

  - Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rose, NV

    (Anyone got a vicodin?)

After the Sinews,

  -Maker’s Mark Manhattan, straight up with a brandied cherry

Stranger in Town,

  -Chimay Triple (white label)


  -Hot Apple Cider and pinecones in a fire

Maybe a Painter,

  -SPF 50 and a Mai Tai (with a little umbrella)

Spirits & Anchors,

  -The Glenlevit 18, neat, with dessert, something like chocolate & orange bread pudding

From the Livid Country,

  -Coffee or Tea on a dark rainy day

Invisible Sleep,

  -Sambuca (with the trinity)

Tiny Windows,