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Titles by Auguste Press:

Curves & Curses,
Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

A Natural History of Suchness,
Stephen Ellis

Negative Capability in the Verse
of John Wieners
Micah Ballard

9th & Ocean
Kevin Opstedal

Adventures of Max & Maxine,
Skip Fox

Pop Junk,
Jeff Karl Butler

El Tsunami,
Kevin Opstedal

Last We Spoke,
Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

After the Sinews,
Patrick James Dunagan

Stranger in Town,
Cedar Sigo

Will Skinker

Maybe a Painter,
Christina Fisher

Spirits & Anchors,
Jason Morris

From The Livid Country
Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre
trans. by Guillermo Parra

Invisible Sleep,
Garrett Caples

Tiny Windows,
Duncan McNaughton

Contact the Editors:

Micah Ballard

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

The Night Palace

Morning Train

Lew Gallery past shows include

Clinks & My If's - Jeff Karl Butler

Artworks - David Meltzer

Night & Day - Corina Bilandzija

"Some of the World's Diamonds" - pieces from living rooms

Lew Gallery editions include
(little books, little runs)

Cerulean Towers - Charlie Thomas

Spirit Guest - Patrick James Dunagan

Walk-On World - Julien Poirier

Pretty Vacant - Kevin Opstedal

The Moment Collector - Darin Klein

Room Service Calls - Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Cocktail Napkins - Gautam Sahi

Wild Schemes - Derek Fenner

avid diva - Garrett Caples

Rave On! - John Sakkis

Moving Pictures - Greg Fuchs

Half Set - Logan Kroeber

Music For Torching - Cedar Sigo

a car / A Pome - Jeffery Joe Nelson

Orphica - David Brazil

Fortunes - Michael Carr

Widows & Orphans - Micah Ballard

Excess Space - Christina Fisher

The Violet Suitcase -  Matt Gonzalez

Sinusoidal Forms - Ava Koohbor

Angel, Unincorporated - Carrie Hunter

Grindin - Alli Warren

In Loving Memory of Your Mind - Sarah Cain

Feed My Lambs - Will Skinker

The Brooklyn Tornado - Will Yackulic